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Apps for the New School Year

September 8, 2014


myHomeworkHi Welcome to the new school year. This week I am going to review the app MyHomework. My homework is a great app for getting yourself organized for the school year.

This app can help you keep track of what your homework is and when it is due. You enter in your classes and when they meet. When you are assigned homework you update this on the app and it keeps track of due dates for you. This way all of your homework information is in one spot on your device and you are less likely to overlook something.

MyHomework is a free app and is available for Apple and also for Android devices.


MyScript Calculator

myscript calkThe second app I want to review for the start of the school year is MyScript Calculator. This is a great app for Math students. The great thing about this app is you can write out the equation just like you would do on scratch paper. Writing an equation is usually easier than searching for the correct symbols on a calculator app.

My script calculator is also really nice because it can solve for variables, example you can say 1000 x ? = 7000 and the calculator will figure out the variable ( in this case 7). The calculator can solve for much more complicated variables than this. Most calculators cannot solve for variables, so this is a really nice feature.

MyScript calculator is a free app and is available for Apple and Android devices.myscript screen568x568

Good luck on for this new school year! 


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