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Pokémon X-The newest instalment of the Pokémon games.

October 28, 2013

pokemon_xy_legendaries_wallpaperI’ve been playing the new Pokémon game since about the day it came out. This game is the first mainstream Pokémon game in 3D, which is one of coolest new features for the game. This game has so many new concepts like having 3 Pokédex’s, Mega Evolution, Team Flare, and even more.

One of the coolest new concepts that will totally change battles is Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution is a new form of evolution that lets a Pokémon evolve past its final form into a stronger one only for the battle with a special item. Some Mega Evolution have crazy new abilities or stats that will really help. One ability that really gives advantage to Kangaskhan is its  new ability that allows it to attack twice. I have not actually gotten this far in the game but I expect this to give a huge advantage.

One thing I don’t like as much that will change battles up is Fairy Type. Fairy type is the new Type that is super effective against dragons and is not affected by dragons. The main reason I don’t like it so much is that a lot of my strong older Pokémon are dragons.Which to be fair where kind of overpowered. Plus I think Fairy was kind of random type if they had to pick a new type. The one good thing is that they do have some cool new Fairy type Pokémon.

With this new game there are a lot of pretty cool new items. These items include the Roller Skates, Mega Ring, all of the Mega Evolution stones, The exp share Pokemon-X-and-Yand so many others. I do know that the exp share is not new but it is better than before. The exp share now gives half the exp gained to the Pokémon battling and divides the rest evenly between the other 5 party Pokémon and none of the Pokémon need to or can hold it. This is a big change because before it was held by one party Pokémon and some of the exp gained by the Pokémon in battle was shared with just that one holding the item. This item really helps to level up your Pokémon evenly at the start of the game instead of having one way stronger than the others with the others all weak.

If you want to find out more about this game you can click the link here to get to the Pokémon X and Y website, or you can play the game.

You can also click here to get to the Pokémon official website.


This game costs 39.99

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