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The FES Bike

July 13, 2013


I dedicate this blog post to my Dad.

Some of you may have heard that my dad was in a serious accident on April 21st that has left him paralyzed. He is currently staying at the Courage Center in Golden Valley, MN learning to eventually use his legs again.
The technology that I want to tell you about is called Functional Electrical Stimulation. Here is a picture of what a F.E.S. bike looks like. My dad has been using this technology. What this technology does is it stimulates your muscles through electricity. So even though my dad can’t moves his own legs he will be hooked up to these electrodes, which will stimulate the muscles in his legs to move so he can pedal the bike. There are many new technologies that are available today that were not available to people with spinal cord injuries even a few years ago. By using this  F. E. S. bike my dad will keep in muscles in use and that way when he starts to have feeling in his legs he will not have lost all of his muscle condition.

This technology is used for spinal cord injury patients, like my dad,  stroke victims and other  illnesses like MS or Parkinson’s.


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