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Three Fun Games

July 3, 2013

2013-07-03 22:23:28 +00001This week we have three fun games for you,

The first is called Guess The Word. This game is a lot of fun to play. You get four pictures with something in mzl.lrxgilhq.320x480-75common  You are given a list of letter from which to make a word and the right amount of blanks. Some of the puzzles are not at all obvious and they take some real thinking to figure out what the word is.

If you can’t figure out a word you can get clues by using points that you have accumulated by playing the game.

This game is a good brain teaser it also is good to help you learn to spell words. This is a great game to pass time.

There is a free version of Guess Word so go check it out.






2013-07-03 22:14:03 +00001The next game is Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North. This game was suggested on this blog by Dylan D.mzl.qfpwlhcf.320x480-75

In this game you build fortresses and villages. You get achievements for building things and for training your knights.

You can be attacked by other cities or attack other cities.

Every day you get a random daily prize so you have an incentive to check in on your game every day.

You can build multiple cities and the game gets more complicated with each level.

This is a free game so check out Kingdoms of Camelot Battle for the North.



2013-07-03 22:12:05 +00001The third game that I am reviewing is called Conquist 2.

This is a game based on the popular board game Risk.  In this app you have four different version for four different ways to play; World domination where you have to conquer the whole world to win. Secret mission where it gives you a random secret mission to win, In colonization you start with one spot of land and you have to own all the capitols to win. And in Castle it is the same as world domination except that when you conquer the castle you get all of their armies.


You get to pick between eight different maps like roman empire, world and US.mzl.efptnfks.320x480-75

This game is a lot of fun and there is a lot of strategy involved. The game is especially hard when you battle against the higher level armies.

If you’ve ever played the game Risk or if you like military strategy you will probably like this game.

This game normally costs 2.99 but I got it free on Apps gone free, which I reviewed on one of my earlier posts. If you want to know more about finding free apps search my prior post about Apps gone free.


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