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The Printed Car

April 3, 2013

On my last post I wrote about 3D printing, this technology is definitely creating a lot of buzz – it was even featured on The Today Show last week.  Redeye printing, located in Eden Prairie, MN is URBEE Amaking a car called the Urbee 2. This cool concept car is printed on a 3D printer!!!

Here is a picture of the Urbee 2. This car was designed by Jim Kor of KOR Ecologic. The Urbee 2 is the first road-ready fuel efficient car built using 3D printing.


Here is a picture of me at the Redeye printing facility in Eden Prairie holding the bumper of the Urbee 2 concept car. One thing that is really cool about this car is that the entire car, minus the motor Karsten in factoryand electronics will consist of just 40 parts. A normal car has hundreds of parts.  So this picture isn’t just me holding the bumper it is also me holding the dash and all of the duct work that is part of the dash board.

This strong, lightweight car is designed to reach top speeds of 70 mph and will use a bio-fuel like pure ethanol. The designer’s goal is to drive the Urbee 2 from San Fransisco to New York using only 10 gallons of gas. This would set a new world record. The Urbee 2 is expected to be ready for its test drive in two years time.

3D printing is really cool.  Here’s a link to a video of how 3D printing works. They even print parts for NASA to use in space – you can watch a video of that here. If you saw Skyfall you may have seen James Bond’s famed Aston Martin blown up at the end of the movie. Well don’t worry, they didn’t really blow up the car, that was just another example of 3D printing. They made an exact replica of the Aston Martin.


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  1. RahRah permalink
    April 4, 2013 12:17 am

    That is really cool! BTW you should check out and review the game my niece is currently hooked on – Subway Surfer.

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