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3D Printing

March 20, 2013

3DThis  week I’m writing about my trip to Redeye 3D Printing. This company even prints a car the Urbee 2 3d-printed-car

They gave me a tour of their facility in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Below is a picture of me, Melissa – their marketing manager, and Tim, one of their engineers. The Eden Prairie plant is the world headquarters and also the largest 3D printing facility in the world with over 90 printing machines. 3D printing is a process where a computer program tells the Karsten at Redeyemachine what the dimensions of the product should be, then the machine lays a thin layer of plastic down almost like a fishing line. The machine goes back and forth and slowly the 3D item is formed. It is really amazing at how intricate the finished product can be.

The picture at right is a toy robot that was printed in about 3 hours. The white layer on the outside of the toy if a support structure and that will be removed by soaking the robot in water and the white part dissolves.toy robot

This technology isn’t just for making toys , it is used for making prototypes of products. That way the piece can be easily manufactured tested and than tweaked to improve it without the high cost of tooling every part. Once the program is uploaded the machines can run on their own and there is very little labor involved. Also this is a very green technology because the program can be run in any 3D printing facility and it eliminates the need to ship parts around the world.

Iphone caseHere is an iphone cover that was also printed as one piece it has all of these gears that turn. Here is a similar gear item that shows how different colors can be written into the computer program. All of these items were printed some are really intricate.

You can watch a video of my complete trip to the Redeye facility here. Just click on the picture below.2013-03-20 01:47:51 +00001

If you want to know more about 3D Printing then here’s a link to another video. There’s also a great article here.

A big Thank You to Redeye for inviting me to their facility and showing me their really cool technology.

2013-03-20 01:04:23 +00001

  1. March 20, 2013 7:49 pm

    Nice post, Karsten! You captured a lot of great, accurate information about 3D printing technologies and what they are capable of. We’re curiuos to hear what your classmates think of it. We had a lot of fun meeting you and taking you on a tour through our faciltiy. We will continue to follow your blog, and hope to see you again!

    -Melissa and Tim (RedEye On Demand, by Stratasys)


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