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Carrot, Real Racing 3, and Harlem Shake Creator

March 6, 2013

This week I looked at all of the apps that came out this week. Of the new apps I picked out three that I thought that you may like to know about.2013-03-06 01:54:55 +00001

2013-03-06 01:54:20 +00001Carrot is an app that useful for people who have a lot of tasks to do and need help remembering what is on their to do list. The app lets you list all of your tasks and then mark them completed. If you complete tasks the app rewards you with points that you can redeem for compliments and jokes. If however, you don’t complete much the app will get on your case and call you a slacker.

This app costs 99 cents.



2013-03-06 01:55:37 +00001Real Racing 3 is a free game made by Electronic Arts. You get to drive race cars like Lamborghinis around a track. You steer the car by tilting your iPad or iPhone. You also brake to avoid other cars. You have to maintain your cars for it to run well. It gives you feel that you’re actually driving which is fun. This game has great graphics.mzl.oboqjuvh.320x480-75

2013-03-06 01:57:20 +00001Harlem Shake Creator is a real fun app. Doesn’t it seem like everyone and their dog is making a Harlem Shake Video to upload to Youtube these days. This free app helps you create your own video. It has the music built in and then it tells you what to do at each stage of the video. When you’re done you can upload the video directly to Youtube.

This is my favorite Harlem Shake video.

2013-03-06 02:48:20 +00001


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