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Fruit Ninja and IStunt 2

February 10, 2013

fruit ninjaFruit Ninja was recommended to me on this blog by by Alyssa K and Jason S. This is a very popular game that is 2simple to play but difficult to master. What you do is use your finger like a sword swiping across the screen to slice a lot of different fruits being thrown up in the air. You have to be fast, because they only stay in the air for a few seconds and you get points for each fruit you slice. If you miss a fruit you lose a life and if you lose 3 lives it’s game over. But in the game there are also bombs being thrown up and if you slice one you lose all your lives.

It’s very fast paced and as you swipe your finger across the screen you get to create a huge squishy, juicy mess. It only takes a few minutes to play but this game is very addicting.

It costs 99 cents.


iStunt_2_1357056243IStunt 2 is a snowboarding game. You get to be a wild snowboarder and rocket through a series of death-defying tracks. You move by tilting your Iphone or iPad. You also have to flick the screen to jump and swipe down to duck under icicles. The game whips you through loops and flings you through the air. It gets going very fast. At times, it’s pretty tough to see and manage the obstacles as they zoom into view, and so you suffer a lot of deaths, but the game does not knock you out. There are checkpoints along the way to make it easier.

This is also a very fun game and seems easy but gets quite hard. This is a physics game – which means that the istunt_2movement of your iPhone or iPad makes all the difference in how you play.

There are both a free version and a paid version for 99 cents.



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