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January 30, 2013

Standard_RobotRescuebots are the latest technology in robots. These robots can be used in rescue situations – like going into a fire or hazardous area. These robots are being programmed to be able to PSC0213_DR_064get to their destination, use power tools, walk on unstable ground and also to lift heavy objects. Some of these tasks are very challenging – like walking on unstable ground – robots are very unsteady and would have a hard time getting themselves back up if they fell.

Right now there is a two million dollar prize available for anyone who can create a robot to do eight tasks including the ones that I listed here.
These robots could be utilized in military operations. They could be utilized by NASA and as  first responders at emergencies.
The world of robots is moving ahead at a rapid pace. Some of the things that robots can do today would have been pure science fiction even a few years ago.
If you’re interested in getting involved in robotics you could look into competing on a robotics team at the high school level. These teams compete against other schools in regional competitions and at the state fair. This may be a good way to check out if you are interested in a career in the hot technology area of robotics.
Who knows what robots will be able to do by the time we graduate from high school.

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