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(H) appy New Year!

January 2, 2013


Happy New Year to all my readers and followers.

I’ve made some new year resolutions.  I’ve resolved to do better at school and learn new things and so I’m reviewing some apps that can help.

2013-01-02 18:01:15 +00001MindSnacks

I resolve to do better in my German class this year and MindSnacks is an app that can help with German and other languages. This is a great app if you are in a language class 2013-01-02 18:01:34 +00001or for 6th graders who want to get a jump- start on learning a language. There is a version of this app for German, Spanish, and French and several other languages.

You can hear native language speakers to help with your accent, and there are tasks to help with vocabulary and grammar too.

It is really great and there are levels from very beginners to more advanced. This app is free.

2013-01-02 18:02:28 +00001Snap Guide

This app shows you videos of all kinds of things so you can learn something new any time at all. There are easy to follow videos to help you, like one that shows you step by step how to fold a dollar into an origami heart.

If you want to show one of your own skills you can upload your own video showing something that you can do. This is a really cool app and it is free. Download it here.2013-01-02 18:05:08 +00001

2013-01-02 18:05:49 +00001Khan Academy

This is another free app to help you with school work. Just select the subject matter that you want more help on. Like in math class  8th graders that are studying Algebra can watch a video that explains linear equations.

If you’re a visual learner this can be really helpful. There are videos on lots of different subjects areas not just math, so check it out.2013-01-02 18:07:10 +00001

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  1. Deborah winkelman permalink
    January 8, 2013 7:41 pm

    Thanks, Karsten! I checked out the German site, looks like a lot of fun. Only one lesson is free, but the rest is only 4.99, not too bad. Frau winkelman

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