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Apps for 6th, 7th and 8th Graders

December 12, 2012

This week I’ve selected some apps to help you in school – one each for 6th  one for 7th grade and one for all you 8th graders.

For 6th Graders – Stack the Statesmzl.ckcfnjxu.320x480-75

mzl.ckcfnjxu.320x480-75This app is called stack the states. In this app you have to answer questions about the US states. If you get it right you get to place  a state on a platform and you try to set other states on top of that one. If you get enough states you can unlock new mini games. This is a fun app to learn US geography.




For 7th Graders – LeafSnap

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LeafSnap is a great app for 7th graders who have to identify trees for science class. You can take a picture of the leaf with your Iphone or Ipad (They don’t have it for android) and then the app looks at the characteristics of the leaf and identifies which type of tree it came from. You can also look through and extensive list of leafs and flowers to identify the tree.

For 8th Graders – Accela Study

Accela study helps you to lemzl.hbbglgap.320x480-75arn vocabulary words. This is great for all the papers that you have to write as 8th graders and will help down the road with all of the standardized tests that we will be having in high school.


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