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Old Computers – They’re not trash, they’re worth cash

December 5, 2012

Mac classic

Back in 1992 my mother bought a Macintosh Classic. This was the newest computer at the time. It had a screen that was smaller than an Ipad mini and it was only in black and white. Today a smart phone has more power than this apple computer had. It cost $1500 – that’s about $2500 in today’s money, and it was cheap because my Mon was a teacher and got a discount. That was like buying 5 IPads or 7 or 8 other tablets today. . It is amazing to think about how far that we have come in only 20 years. It makes me wonder what computers will be like 20 years from now.

Well my mother recently sold her Mac classic on eBay. You may think that no one would want this old  computer. Well guess again. This computer sold for $250 on eBay. There is a market for old computers because people collect these items.

Look around your house do you have an old computer collecting dust? Well instead of paying to have them recycled

try to see  if  you can sell it.. you may have just what  someone  else is looking for.

Mac classic 2


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