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Tiny Tower

November 11, 2012

This week I’m reviewing a cool new game recommended by Liv S. It’s called Tiny Tower. In this game you get to build a tower – like a tall building. You can put shops and apartments, which can make you money from rents and sales. One really fun part about this game is that it keeps going even when you are not on your phone or iPad. Sales keep on happening and people keep coming – so you can keep making money. But the stores can run out of stock so you have to keep buying stuff for them to sell.
When you get enough money you can get a new floor and you can put new shops or apartments on it. As you get higher up the floors get more expensive and the shops take longer to build. The more interesting things you do the more people you can attract. So it’s like running a business. When you get achievements you can get Tower Bucks, which you can use to make your elevator faster or to speed construction up.

Thanks to Liv for recommending this game.


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