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Brain Food and Brain Eaters

February 20, 2012

Today I’m reviewing one app that feeds your brain and another one that eats your brain.

The first app is Alge-bingo.This helps you learn algebra while you play bingo.

First you  choose a bingo board and then you choose a math function,  all of the answers will be in that form, example subtraction. These can be quite easy all the way up to algebra equations that would challenge a mathlete. They are good practice for anyone and a good way to pass the time while increasing your brain power.

This app costs 99cents.  But your parents will probably be happy to let you spend it since it helps with Math.




If you’d rather pass the time with a Zombie  app that eats your brain; Here is a good one, Zombie Farm. In this app you are a farmer you grow plants and zombies. Once you have an army of zombies you can invade other farmer’s farms. When you beat other farmers you unlock more items in the game. This game has a built in time delay so you have to wait for your plants and zombies to grow, this saves you from losing all your brain.

This is a free app.

Thanks to Emerson P. for recommending this app.

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  1. Cynda permalink
    February 22, 2012 5:25 am

    I reccomend you show minecraft or Sims 3 ;D There both extremely fun games to me and i bet they would to

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