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Review of Space Physics – App for Android

September 19, 2011

This is a cool, new game where you make a marble roll to a target. You can use objects, like cranks, sticks, gears, slopes and other balls change the way it moves, to get it where it needs to go. You get to draw shapes to help the marble move – like a weight that pulls a lever to move an obstacle out of the way. You are inventing a new machine each time you play.

Here’s how somebody else described it – If there’s a movable block in the way, you can draw a small circle on a stationary block to create a gear, draw a line to represent a lever and then draw a weight to move the lever in the necessary direction to get that block out of the way. If there is a line of columns you need to get the ball across without letting it drop in between, just draw two circles close to each other and a line joining them, and your invention will chug along like an old banger of a car – carrying your ball across safely towards the star-shaped goal.

These are just two examples of the clever design that results from the game’s creator’s imagination in combination with your own. There seems to be infinite solutions to each of the eighty levels in the game, limited only by what your brain can think up.

You can make the structure very complicated or you can keep it simple, but the more complicated machines are more interesting as you see how the marble moves between the parts. The game has 80 levels and it’s fun to play.

You can read a lot about this app here.

And you can download the app for your phone for $2.00 or get the free version which only has 12 levels.

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  1. Erik Bartho permalink
    October 4, 2011 2:09 pm

    I played this game and it was really really fun.

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